…Our Fall Bucket List…

I love Fall… for me it is the perfect season, it has a nice blend of sunny and cool, I love seeing the leaves change colors, the crispness in the air, the falling leaves and everybody is in a good mood.
…So, to celebrate this season, I am sharing a list of some things we are doing  this fall…

  1. Apple Picking
  2. Adventuring in a pumpkin patch.
  3. Visiting a local farmer’s market for seasonal fruits & veggies.
  4. Learn how to bake an apple pie
  5. Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks…. accompanied with Pumpkin Bread 😉
  6. Host a pumpkin carving party with some friends.
  7. Stepping on Crunchy leaves.
  8. Take a drive to the wine country to see the autumn foliage and winery decorations.
  9. Take pictures….LOTS of them 😉
  10. Go Trick or Treating
  11. Be thankful
  12. Jump in a pile of leaves!

…and pick up all the leaves once the season is over 😉

Try at least two new things this Fall…..Fill your life with sweet memories and have a FUN FALL season!  Share what you did or are planning…

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