…Our Holiday Bucket List…

The holidays come way too quickly and I think this is a great time to get a head start. So, here is my “Christmas Bucket List for 2012″ filled with fun things to add to the holiday season. Slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures and create special and fun memories with your family.

Feel free to print our PDF holiday bucket list or our blank version of the list for you to fill out with your family.

Click here to print the pre-filled holiday bucket list (PDF – 3.30MB)

Holiday Bucket List

Click here to print the blank holiday bucket list (PDF – 2.41MB)

Blank Holiday Bucket List

I would love to know what things are you planning to do during the holidays…maybe there is something I need to add to my list for next year :-)

3 Comments on “…Our Holiday Bucket List…

  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday bucket list. I printed it already!

  2. Thank you Amber! I’m very happy that I can share my bucket list with you! :-)

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