“The Spirit of the Man” at Paradise Ridge Winery

This past weekend, we went to see the outdoor sculpture exhibition “The Spirit of the Man” at Paradise Ridge Winery. Paradise Ridge Winery is a 156-acre wine estate located in a residential area in the northeastern hills of Santa Rosa, just minutes from downtown. This world class sculpture garden opened in May 2012 and it’s a two year long exhibition that features 36 artists and 38 works by sculptors based in Sonoma County, California and throughout the country.

Paradise Ridge Winery - Spirit of the man

“Love” by Laura Kimpton & Jeff Schomberg was one of my favorite sculptures. Paradise Ridge Winery is purchasing the sculpture for their collection since the winery hosts many weddings every year. The sculpture was strategically placed so you can see it at the top of the winery from the tasting room. I’m sure it is a great spot for engagement portraits too!!!

The Spirit of the Man honors artist Al Voigt  who passed away in 2011 and created a series of renowned outdoor installations across Sonoma County. Originally, Voigt had an engineering career in the aerospace industry. Voigt fine-tuned missile guidance systems before he turned sculptor.

Paradise Ridge Winery - Spirit of the man

The exhibition is free and open to the public. You can add some fun and do a “Sculpture Hunt”. Check out the printable PDF version at:  “PARENT GUIDE: Exploring Sculpture with your Family”. Some of the sculptures are designed to be hands on and you can touch and interface with them.

Paradise Ridge Winery - Spirit of the man

Paradise Ridge Winery offers romantic and spectacular panoramic views overlooking Sonoma County and the Russian River Valley. It was a great combination of wine, nature and art! :-)

Paradise Ridge Winery - Spirit of the man

For More information:
Paradise Ridge winery
4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive, Santa Rosa
11am to 5pm Daily

The Spirit of the Man

2 Comments on ““The Spirit of the Man” at Paradise Ridge Winery

  1. I’m glad you went and that you loved it just as much as I loved this spot! I’m mesmerized by the statues and the idea of the memorial they have. The whole thought of being able to write a message to someone you loved in such a spot with a little flag is really patriotic and just a positive remembrance. Everything’s made by hand, and there’s not a single nail anywhere when I saw it, really unique.

  2. Thank you Patricia. Yes, “The Temple of Remembrance” by David Best is such a beautiful and peaceful piece of Art. I really enjoy this temple and all the sculptures of the exhibition.

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